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Can You Allow Water Pollution to Go Unnoticed?

Water – a critical source of life. And when you begin to think about it, water pollution has long lasting effects on the marine ecosystems, wildlife health and even us humans. Water covers approximately 70% of the earth’s surface and 60 % of the human body. If you haven’t already started, it might be time […]

Does Light Pollution Affect Us?

Artificial light is the source of illumination specifically at night, and is needed to: Illuminate the streets and roads at night Protect homes and businesses at night as a security measure Provide us with a way to continue our activities after dark But when is it considered too much? Because as you’ll discover, light as […]

Air Pollution – The Air You Breathe

Air is the principal source of life for humans, plants and just about every living thing. After all the phrase “living and breathing” comes together doesn’t it? So when you consider the effect polluted air has, the consequences can be dire as it causes discomfort, diseases and even death at times. Air pollution can be […]