The Silent Cue Mother Nature Gives That the Climate Is Changing

You may not notice it at first glance, but climate change affects everyday life in a lot of ways. Imagine this, you’re seated comfortably on your sofa when you think to yourself that it feels warmer than yesterday and the humidity is getting unbearable. You’re soaked in your own sweat and your shirt is stuck to your back. Just what is happening?

This is the result of climate change and it is a BIG problem!

If you look at the information that has been collected over the years, you’ll realize that the weather conditions around the world have changed significantly. And in most cases, these changes aren’t good for the environment, the ecosystem and the people living there.

Droughts, floods, acid rain and much more have shifted the way of life for millions. Just follow the news on the effects of climate change around the world and you’ll see that Mother Nature is unable to hold together the issues that are slowly starting to plague humanity.

And here’s the thing, there are some simple daily activities you are doing today that might be contributing to this impending disaster, and it’s time to be fully aware of what’s going on.

The Surefire Way to Give Earth an Indigestion

Take a look at your nearest supermarket, you will find that the majority of items there are detrimental to the planet. The crazy amount of plastic, CFC sprays, and other non-biodegradable items aren’t helping.

These items do not break down fast and end up in landfills, which takes up valuable land space turning it into a complete wasteland. In fact, the landfills around the world have started to pile up, and the odors aren’t the worst of it, the byproduct that comes off this deterioration is toxic in nature.

Now think about this, this pungent odor goes straight into the skies which then rain back down in the form of everyone’s favorite acid rain.

If that isn’t enough, imagine the drainage and your water supply mixed with all that delicious acid. In case you haven’t already figured it out, this can cause serious health problems for anyone who drinks it or use it on their plants.

How to Drive Our Planet Earth Into the Grave

On top of all these waste, driving is another major cause of climate problems. Think about the smog for a moment, just one car can issue a great deal of pollutants into the air. Now imagine millions of cars, each and every day, running both day and night.

Even in a small country city like Singapore, you’ll notice that the sheer number of cars that are dumping carbon into the atmosphere is plain awful. If it isn’t the cars then it’s the factories, oil refineries and much more that is causing detrimental problems to our planet.

And there seems to be no hope in sight for any collected response. It’s for that reason you need to be aware of what you’re doing and how every small change makes a difference.

The Ones at Risk: Our Children of Tomorrow

It is not too late to change what you do in your daily life. Limit the hours that you drive, use recycled products, limit your electricity consumption, and try your best to look at different things that will only help offset your carbon footprint.

If you recycle, and reduce your waste, a major shift could happen. Think about this, by taking the first step your actions may be small. But as others begin to see the change in you many more may begin to think about their part for our planet.

Saving the environment begins with each one of us or it’s our children who will face the consequence of our actions.

What some other examples of everyday activities you see others doing which are contributing to climate change? Share with us in the comments below.


Real Life Tragedy – The Crime Story Everyone is Guilty of

Climate change is rarely a good thing. It’s not exciting or amusing to be thinking about our planet in a dire situation while we are doing nothing about it.

From the hole in the ozone layer to the shifting of the oceans, land, and even the ice caps melting, the number of causes is starting to really pile up. And it gets you thinking about movies like Armageddon, 2012 and all these other apocalyptic scenes.

And the sad part is that it looks like mother earth is fighting a losing cause isn’t she?

Sure, you may drop your jaw when you hear about drastic issues like floods in Thailand, or landslides and other natural disasters. But have you begun to realize your daily actions are playing a vital role to operation “planet destruction?”

The truth is that for us to focus on saving Gaia, it begins with you and me. Sometimes we just need a cause and finding our cause beings with knowing who are really at risk here.

Children All Over The World

Did you know that the climate has completely shifted the way children live in many undeveloped countries? And the developed nations are not spared either.

With acid rain, water tables being poisoned, and crops not receiving the right nutrients for growth, many of the world’s populations are beginning to starve because of how the climate has changed in recent years.

Perhaps the worst of it all is with regards to the dirt, roads and much more. The growing pollution has caused serious medical conditions for many cultures especially those who walk barefooted. The amount of harmful chemicals and pollution in the ground makes it unsafe to walk with any protection.

And the developed nations aren’t spared from this. With the large number of landfills starting to secrete toxic that hits the water table, this has led to an increase in cancers, tumors and many other diseases which few of us are aware of.

And it will be our children of tomorrow who will pay the price.

Animals and the Ecosystem

Preventing the climate disasters from spreading is rough on its own. Throw in the large corporations that are burning down forests and killing the animals and the ecosystem and you’ve got your very own destruction 101.

Whether its oil spills, pollution, greenhouse effect or over consumption, our planet is being drained of all its natural resources necessary to survive.

Naturally this impact isn’t felt strongly at home but consider for a moment how much pollution is created for the purpose of manufacturing, oil refining, or even raising cattle.

And when the weather shifts and the climate start to hit the Earth in a different manner, you may begin to find that it all adds up to a serious issue which we might be a little too late.

Is the End Near?

Perhaps what is so frustrating about all of this is not the increase in pollution but rather the lack of interest to stop it. Nobody is helping, we continue to drive around in big cars, throw items that are not biodegradable and find more and more ways to kill our planet.

Because when convenience becomes more important than the environment, we have to ask ourselves, “Who really suffers at the end of the day?”

Do we want a greener and healthier place to live in? Or are we setting the pace for a land covered in smog and despair for our children to live.

What are some efforts you’ve have taken to help protect our environment for the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.



Warning: The Causes of Climate Change and the Ultimate Price to Pay

“Imagine a day where the sun is blazing hot, glaring in through the window and the room you’re in is warm and stuffy to the point that makes it almost too difficult to breathe.

The air-conditioning has broken down for the last time and the fan in your room is only capable of spreading the heat around. You rush out to get some much needed fresh air but only smog and the pungent smell of decay greets you.

Welcome to the Year 2020…”

While the world has received many threats and other “doomsday prophesies” in the past such as the Y2K bug and the Mayan apocalypse to name a few, the threat of climate change is very real.

Global warming and the greenhouse effect has always been a concern for environmentalist and they are right to be alarmed. The fact is that the world has gotten warmer and temperatures are expected to continue to rise. Despite the recent slower rise in heat growth, it still is a rise nonetheless.

We Have A Second Chance

But this is an opportunity for each and every one of us to grab onto and make a difference. We may not be able to get rid of this threat completely, but we can suppress and control the damage it brings.

Saving the earth is not difficult, but it does require a little effort.

Uncover the role you can play in stopping climate change before we all pay the ultimate price.


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Can You Allow Water Pollution to Go Unnoticed?

Water – a critical source of life. And when you begin to think about it, water pollution has long lasting effects on the marine ecosystems, wildlife health and even us humans.

Water covers approximately 70% of the earth’s surface and 60 % of the human body.

If you haven’t already started, it might be time to think more about water pollution, its causes, the effects and some preventive measures.


Sources of Water:

Water is available from many natural resources like waterfalls, the ocean, rivers and the sea which are all considered as surface water.

These sources of water are exposed to evaporation and seepage which provides another source of water known as groundwater.


Causes of Water Pollution:

Water is polluted for three main reasons:

  1. Industries
    Chemicals, waste and other unused solid materials are disposed through pipes or open canal into the water sources. The toxin released is a main cause of water pollution.
  2. Agriculture
    Today, most farmers are using fertilizer to grow their crops faster. Little do these farmers know that the fertilizers are not only damaging the water but also their health!
  3. Homes
    Daily waste of plastic bags and other household materials, are often disposed into the sewers. Often septic tanks are not installed properly and as a result of which the underground water supply becomes heavily polluted.


Effects of water pollution:

Water pollution is the sure-fire route to many diseases and often times have a fatal impact on humans, wildlife and the marine ecological systems.

Human being – As a result of water pollution, we are affected by the spreading of diseases like cholera, typhoid and other skin diseases. This can occur through consuming contaminated water.

Wildlife health – Wild animals depend on nature for water which comes from the sea and rain-fall. Should these resources become polluted, imagine the consequences on their health?

Marine ecological system – From tiny fishes to large sea-fishes, just the thought of swimming in filthy and contaminated water should be enough to drive home the message of water pollution.


It is our duty to keep the environment free from pollution since we are also the largest contributors to its pollution. The time has come for every single one of us to start changing some of the simple activities we do to help the environment.



Does Light Pollution Affect Us?

Artificial light is the source of illumination specifically at night, and is needed to:

  • Illuminate the streets and roads at night
  • Protect homes and businesses at night as a security measure
  • Provide us with a way to continue our activities after dark

But when is it considered too much?

Because as you’ll discover, light as good as it is can be a source of pollution when we are over exposed. After all these lights are artificial and can have damaging impact on both children and adults alike.

What is light pollution?

These artificial lights can also be described as polluted light, when it creates disturbance to people. It consists of several elements:

  • Light trespass
    When artificial lights trespasses into another person’s house through the window. While it is useful for you, it becomes a form of polluted light to them. In fact, once it crosses the boundary of the property on which the light is located, it can already be described as light pollution.
  • Glare
    Seen as an uncomfortable light becoming visible against a darker background.
  • Sky glow
    This polluted light can be seen miles around towns and cities as a result of a scattering of artificial light frp, airborne dusts and water droplets.
  • Security lights used in the multistoried buildings and their surroundings
  • Floodlights used to illuminate games spots and various entertainment programs
  • Street lights
  • Advertising lights

Sources of light pollution:

Effects of light pollution:

The most common impact is that it changes another person’s quality of life. For example, it might be disturbing someone else’s sleep pattern with a strong bright light that shines directly into their room at night.

A common effect on city areas, it becomes more difficult to appreciate nature when this artificial light reduces the natural brightness of the moon and the stars. In addition, there is the element of energy being wasted.

In countries like US, UK and even Singapore, huge quantities of fossil fuels are used to provide sufficient energy for lighting up the city.

Prolonged exposure to artificial light also affects our vision especially with poor management and control.

How can we reduce light pollution?

The easiest way to reduce the light pollution is to be aware of the energy wastage through unnecessary lighting in around our homes at night. For domestic uses, consider switching to energy saving light bulbs.

While light pollution might not have a direct harmful effect like water and some of the other types of pollutions, it can easily be controlled.

And we all have the power to turn off unwanted light and play a part in saving energy and resources.





Air Pollution – The Air You Breathe

Air is the principal source of life for humans, plants and just about every living thing. After all the phrase “living and breathing” comes together doesn’t it?

So when you consider the effect polluted air has, the consequences can be dire as it causes discomfort, diseases and even death at times. Air pollution can be a chemical, biological or physical agent that changes the atmospheric standard. So the question remains…

How does the air become so polluted?

Air pollution is cause through a substance in the air known as air pollutant. These pollutants are found in all three states of solid particles, liquid and gaseous form. In addition they may be natural or man-made particles.

Pollutants are also classified as primary or secondary types. The primary pollutants are directly produced within a process, such as ash from volcanic eruption, carbon monoxide from the motor vehicles exhaust and the sulphur dioxide released from factories.


These substances when mixed with the atmosphere, creates air pollution.

Effect on humans:

The polluted air causes damage health on humans by increasing various diseases like – cardiovascular system, cystic fibrosis, COPD, asthma and lung cancer to name a few.

It also damages our respiratory systems making it more difficult to breathe and affecting our day to day activities. And pregnant women are at a similar risk as the polluted air might cause serious developmental damage to the unborn child.

As per declaration of the World Health Organization, approximately 2.4 million people die each year from various types of diseases as a direct result of air pollution.

Effect on plants:

Plants are directly dependable on air and water. As such, polluted air interrupts the normal growth of plants. The crops which are consumed are not spared either. Their natural production rate takes a hit and release lesser oxygen into the air and disturbing the balance in many areas.

Impact on rivers and streams:

The polluted air increases the normal temperature of the water of rivers and streams causing acid rain-fall. This increase of temperature also damages the lives of the fishes and other living organisms.

Preventive measures to take:

Air-pollution today has become a global problem. Many preventive measures are being adopted throughout the world abiding by the direction of each respective authority figure. Industries and vehicles are commonly responsible for contributing to almost 60% of the world’s pollution.

Some preventive measures you can take on your own includes driving less, adopting eco-friendly driving practices, selection of air-friendly products and making use of fuel reformulators to save energy as much as possible and reduce waste.