Can You Allow Water Pollution to Go Unnoticed?

Water – a critical source of life. And when you begin to think about it, water pollution has long lasting effects on the marine ecosystems, wildlife health and even us humans.

Water covers approximately 70% of the earth’s surface and 60 % of the human body.

If you haven’t already started, it might be time to think more about water pollution, its causes, the effects and some preventive measures.


Sources of Water:

Water is available from many natural resources like waterfalls, the ocean, rivers and the sea which are all considered as surface water.

These sources of water are exposed to evaporation and seepage which provides another source of water known as groundwater.


Causes of Water Pollution:

Water is polluted for three main reasons:

  1. Industries
    Chemicals, waste and other unused solid materials are disposed through pipes or open canal into the water sources. The toxin released is a main cause of water pollution.
  2. Agriculture
    Today, most farmers are using fertilizer to grow their crops faster. Little do these farmers know that the fertilizers are not only damaging the water but also their health!
  3. Homes
    Daily waste of plastic bags and other household materials, are often disposed into the sewers. Often septic tanks are not installed properly and as a result of which the underground water supply becomes heavily polluted.


Effects of water pollution:

Water pollution is the sure-fire route to many diseases and often times have a fatal impact on humans, wildlife and the marine ecological systems.

Human being – As a result of water pollution, we are affected by the spreading of diseases like cholera, typhoid and other skin diseases. This can occur through consuming contaminated water.

Wildlife health – Wild animals depend on nature for water which comes from the sea and rain-fall. Should these resources become polluted, imagine the consequences on their health?

Marine ecological system – From tiny fishes to large sea-fishes, just the thought of swimming in filthy and contaminated water should be enough to drive home the message of water pollution.


It is our duty to keep the environment free from pollution since we are also the largest contributors to its pollution. The time has come for every single one of us to start changing some of the simple activities we do to help the environment.


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