Real Life Tragedy – The Crime Story Everyone is Guilty of

Climate change is rarely a good thing. It’s not exciting or amusing to be thinking about our planet in a dire situation while we are doing nothing about it.

From the hole in the ozone layer to the shifting of the oceans, land, and even the ice caps melting, the number of causes is starting to really pile up. And it gets you thinking about movies like Armageddon, 2012 and all these other apocalyptic scenes.

And the sad part is that it looks like mother earth is fighting a losing cause isn’t she?

Sure, you may drop your jaw when you hear about drastic issues like floods in Thailand, or landslides and other natural disasters. But have you begun to realize your daily actions are playing a vital role to operation “planet destruction?”

The truth is that for us to focus on saving Gaia, it begins with you and me. Sometimes we just need a cause and finding our cause beings with knowing who are really at risk here.

Children All Over The World

Did you know that the climate has completely shifted the way children live in many undeveloped countries? And the developed nations are not spared either.

With acid rain, water tables being poisoned, and crops not receiving the right nutrients for growth, many of the world’s populations are beginning to starve because of how the climate has changed in recent years.

Perhaps the worst of it all is with regards to the dirt, roads and much more. The growing pollution has caused serious medical conditions for many cultures especially those who walk barefooted. The amount of harmful chemicals and pollution in the ground makes it unsafe to walk with any protection.

And the developed nations aren’t spared from this. With the large number of landfills starting to secrete toxic that hits the water table, this has led to an increase in cancers, tumors and many other diseases which few of us are aware of.

And it will be our children of tomorrow who will pay the price.

Animals and the Ecosystem

Preventing the climate disasters from spreading is rough on its own. Throw in the large corporations that are burning down forests and killing the animals and the ecosystem and you’ve got your very own destruction 101.

Whether its oil spills, pollution, greenhouse effect or over consumption, our planet is being drained of all its natural resources necessary to survive.

Naturally this impact isn’t felt strongly at home but consider for a moment how much pollution is created for the purpose of manufacturing, oil refining, or even raising cattle.

And when the weather shifts and the climate start to hit the Earth in a different manner, you may begin to find that it all adds up to a serious issue which we might be a little too late.

Is the End Near?

Perhaps what is so frustrating about all of this is not the increase in pollution but rather the lack of interest to stop it. Nobody is helping, we continue to drive around in big cars, throw items that are not biodegradable and find more and more ways to kill our planet.

Because when convenience becomes more important than the environment, we have to ask ourselves, “Who really suffers at the end of the day?”

Do we want a greener and healthier place to live in? Or are we setting the pace for a land covered in smog and despair for our children to live.

What are some efforts you’ve have taken to help protect our environment for the future? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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