4 Ways to Stop Your Car from Damaging the Earth And Save You Some Money

A major cause of global warming lies in the human factor without a doubt. And while you could try your best to list off the causes from a personal level, it almost seems pointless when the list goes on and on.

But let’s face the facts shall we? The world is getting warmer no doubt about that and countries like Vienna is at risk of sinking in the near future so the question remains, what can be done?

Think for a moment about how many cars are on the road right now. You’ll realize around the world there are millions upon millions of vehicles of different models and types.

Enter the World of Automobiles

Think about the car you drive every day, sure it is convenient as it brings you from home to work and vice versa. But have you thought about the range of pollution problems it brings?

There are two main types of pollution discharged by petrol vehicles:

  1. Exhaust Emission
  2. Evaporative Emission

Both cause damage to air we breathe in as it releases gases like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and oxides of nitrogen to name a few.

Your car also suffers from incomplete fuel combustion which not only requires more petrol per 1,000 km travelled but also releases more exhaust emissions

Alls not lost yet as below are 4 ways you as a car owner can do your part to help the environment.

Cheap and Effective But Time Consuming

Naturally asking anyone to walk to work every day is a little ridiculous. But taking the public transportation is still reasonable.

In fact you may even find yourself with more savings by the end of the month as you cut down on fuel consumption, parking fees and even ERP charges. It might seem like a small saving in itself but together, you may find that the savings really add up.

You’ll find this to be a great alternative to driving daily especially if you live in a city like Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Penang to name a few.

Pooling Your Resources Together

Understandably there are instances when public transportation is not a feasible option. You can find colleagues or even your neighbors to car pool and travel together.

The entire group is able to reduce fuel consumption as a group and everyone is doing their part to save the environment.

Naturally these options can be exercised together for even greater savings. You might want to begin your using one of these options once a week and slowly increasing the frequency.

Rise of the Hybrids

If you have the financial means, you might want to consider switching your vehicle to a hybrid version.

There are some considerations on a hybrid car you should understand first before jumping in but the benefit to the environment can be seen.

Naturally this is a costlier solution for the environment but it does have its benefits in the long term.

A Green Fuel Reformulator

In many cases, your job still requires you to travel regularly and a car is still a necessity. You can still play your part to help the environment with fuel reformulator which helps your car deuce fuel consumption and harmful emission.

With a green fuel reformulator like Emarco’s own My Green Oil, you get a smoother ride as your car is able to fully combust the fuel and remove leftover carbon deposits.

By taking a little step forward, you can help reduce harmful emissions from your car, maximize your fuel consumption and help reduce air pollution.


Saving the environment begins with every individual and in many cases, you’ll begin to see that helping the environment will help you in many aspects as well. More so with the financial savings as a great motivator isn’t it?


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