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Your Eco-Friendly Personal Transportation

Whoever said that getting to work, doing grocery shopping or moving around is tiring clearly hasn’t been informed of technology. As cars are going hybrid and green, we bring transportation to you.

With our state-of-the-art technology, moving around in Singapore can be fast, easy and friendly to the environment.

From Young to Old, Convenience comes First

Watch the video above and you’ll realized that moving around in Singapore has gotten simple and with the range of products from EcoRider, they’re so easy to use. Friendly enough for children and the elderly. If you can lean your body a little forward, backwards and turn a handle, then you can use our range of products.

The Professional Way to Move and even for the Casual Riders

Whether you’re heading to work or taking a “stroll” in the park, EcoRider is there to ensure that you’re always comfortable and every journey is a pleasant one. Slopes, escalator or the elevator aren’t even a challenge with the compact sizes.

From going to work or heading back home, getting a step ahead of the game is now easier and not to mention classier. Imagine the wind blowing against your face as you move in style without breaking a sweat.

All-New EcoRider Model:

With the newly introduced EcoRider -S1, this light weight 10kgs gyroscopic personal mobility transporter is far more agile to travel in the urban city. It is like a Floating 2-Wheeler which is cool, fun, attractive, useful and economical. It is positioned as a very serious rival to the traditional scooter as it is easy to learn and operate; brilliant servo-control technology which allows rider to manoeuvre swiftly in tight-spaced areas both indoor and outdoor.

Based on dynamic balance principle, rider can accelerate or reverse by leaning and shifting of body weight on the given foot pads to change directions without the use of handlebar. Little thing no doubt, but it will be helpful for people to move around in urban cities swiftly and effortlessly. Besides personal leisure entertainment use, EcoRider -S1 is also suitable for riders to run errands in the neighbourhood or for short distance commuting.


Red smart-1R


Net weight: 10kg

Max speed: 10km/h

Payload: 20-100kg

Traveling distance: 15-20km (varies depending on riding style, terrain, payload)

Maximum climbing gradient: 15 degrees

Dimension: 58.4cm x 18.6cm x 17.8cm

Ground clearance: 3cm

Platform height: 11cm

Charging time: 2-3 hours

Power requirement: AC100-240V

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