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Wildlife Conservation: For a Few Species More

Ravaging Humans Wildlife Conservation is a holistic approach for protection of wildlife through preservation of their habitats. Growing populations and increasing consumption put tons of pressure on natural forests and pastures that serve as the abode of many animal and plant species. The conversion of these havens to farmlands and residential areas is a matter […]

Water Crisis: Aqua non Pura

Prologue Water covers over two-thirds of Planet Earth and without it, life will not be possible. Pollution of water results when contaminants accumulate inside it at a rate faster than the rate at water can cleanse itself naturally. The ability of water to dissolve most solids and liquids is a major reason for its quick […]

Soil Erosion: At War with Nature’s Home Turf

Corroding our Foundations Soil Erosion is the destruction and removal of the fertile top layer of soil at a rate faster than the rate of its natural formation. Soil is weathered rock. Topsoil is the upper, fertile layer that supports growth of plants – forests, pastures, farms, plantations etc. Subsoil is the lower layer that […]

Land Pollution: On Slippery Grounds

Unreal Estate Land pollution is the degradation of the quality and productivity of the earth’s surface and soil due to human activities. This is a lesser visible facet of pollution than the contamination of air and water because its effects are not immediately and directly noticeable. Increasing populations create greater demand for residential land and […]

Fossil Fuels: A Double Edged Sword

Development Essential Fossil fuels are natural fuels formed over millions of years from the decomposition of plant and animal remains buried deep inside the earth. At these depths, enormous temperature and pressure cause the remains to decompose in the absence of air. The word ‘fossil’ is used to describe them because they are derived from […]

Sustainable Agriculture: Challenging Centralised, Industrial Farming?

Sustainable agriculture includes holistic agricultural practices that are environmentally, economically, and socially viable in the long term. It involves the economical production of food, fibre, and other animal-plant products using farming methods that protect and preserve the environment and social communities related to farming. An integration of environmental health, economic profitability, and socio-economic equality, such […]

Natural Resource Depletion: Sucking Earth Dry

Destroy thy Creator Man has been at war with nature ever since he stopped living in forests and looked at Planet Earth with prying eyes. The industrial age intensified this appetite and today we stand on the brink of environmental disaster. If we bite the very hand that nurtures us, how far can we be […]

2 Saving Habits To Kick Start Your Green Initiative

When you think of threats, it’s natural to think of security issues, financial threats and even health problems. But when it comes to environmental threats, unfortunately too few people are concerned about our planet. And the sad part is that as the climate continues to shirt in a way that is becoming more and more […]

Fight Global Warming – Support the Green Cause

The idea of saving the earth is always a nice thought, after all who really want to watch the very place we live in gets “destroyed?” But when it comes to convenience versus effort, going eco-friendly becomes another item on the good-to-have list. By changing some simple things you do each day, you’ll see how […]