Fight Global Warming – Support the Green Cause

The idea of saving the earth is always a nice thought, after all who really want to watch the very place we live in gets “destroyed?”

But when it comes to convenience versus effort, going eco-friendly becomes another item on the good-to-have list. By changing some simple things you do each day, you’ll see how easy it is to switch and support the green cause.

Below are 5 simple ways you can do your part in fighting global warming by making these small tweaks to your daily lifestyle.

1.    Bring Your Own Shopping Bags

As simple as this sound, not many people are actually practicing this around Asia. This is largely due to the fact that plastic bags are cheap to produce here.

However every single bag contributes to environmental issues as these bags are not bio-degradable. This means more landfills, cutting down trees and a rising global warming threat.

And the solution can be as simple as packing a few extra plastic bags in your handbag, backpack, car or any other bag which you know you’ll bring on your grocery shopping trips.

2.    Protect Your Batteries

The digital world requires batteries for energy to power up the devices which makes out lives more convenient and enjoyable. But batteries require proper maintenance or you’ll notice the energy consumption rate increasing rapidly with prolonged usage.

Learn some basic battery maintenance for your various devices like separating it from your laptop when not in use, avoid prolonged charging and keep it out of direct heat to extend your battery lifespan.

And if you’re relying heavily on alkaline batteries, using a battery recharger for non-rechargeable batteries is another great option to extend its usage.

3.    Support Green Companies

Helping the environment can also be as simple as changing your choice of products. Instead of randomly selecting a product, consider the company behind it.

While Emarco takes pride in the fact that we use green materials to produce our products in a number of areas like personal mobility, agriculture, electronics to name a few, there are many companies with this same green initiative.

By using products of green companies, we can send a message that saving our earth is the responsibility of everyone, both individuals and businesses alike.

4.    Repair Leakages Around Your House

Leakages are often overlooked but it is a very common issue around many homes. It may not seem like much, after all a few drops from your shower head doesn’t really seem like a big deal.

But when you consider that with just 6 drops of 1ml of water per hour from a single shower head, that’s a drop every 10 minutes, it adds up to almost 52.560 litres of water in a year. Multiple that by the number of household within your estate and we have an issue here.

Take a minute every week to go around your house to make sure that there are no leakages. Not only will you be reducing water wastage, you’ll find yourself going easier on the utility bills.

5.    Use Remanufactured Cartridges

Each year, millions of empty toner and inkjet cartridges are deposed by dumping them into landfills or incinerators. And this adds up to our pollution concerns.

While it is not possible to eliminate this concern completely, you might consider switching to remanufactured toner and cartridges. Not many people realize that it is possible to have quality printing standards with remanufactured cartridges.

In fact, with remanufactured products, you’re preventing excessive landfills, reducing carbon dioxide emission, receiving cost savings of 30% or more and best of all, saving Gaia.


While supporting the green cause requires a little change in our lifestyle, as this message is spread, more people will get involved. We all want to protect our planet and while it might be tough, it is a fight against global warming, pollution and much more. And we can make this a fight worth living for.

How else do you support this green cause? Share with us in the comments below.

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