2 Saving Habits To Kick Start Your Green Initiative

When you think of threats, it’s natural to think of security issues, financial threats and even health problems. But when it comes to environmental threats, unfortunately too few people are concerned about our planet.

And the sad part is that as the climate continues to shirt in a way that is becoming more and more detrimental to human life, the effort put in to reverse this effect just isn’t there.

Read the news on any given day and you will see how the weather is shifting, and natural disasters that were previously unheard of are now becoming the norm.  Going green begins with you and me and below is two simple steps to playing your part.

Is It Clean Or Soggy?

Sometimes it all starts with looking around your place for simple ways to reduce wastage. Whether its glass, plastic, aluminum, cardboard or any other materials, it’s good to build a habit of separating the recyclable waste from the biodegradable ones.

Have two main bins at home and remember this quote:

“Reuse the dry, throw the wet”

Simply put, all dry products can be reused and should go into the bin for dry waste product which you can then bring to your nearest recycling bin.

If the waste material is wet, then it’s better to throw it away. After all, those are more likely to smell after a few days.

It may take some time for everyone in the family to contribute, but make it a fun activity for everyone. And you will start to see the impact as your family become more environmentally conscious.

Go 1,927% and More On Your Electronic Devices

Recycling isn’t just for your products which you dispose regularly. In fact as the world begins to digitalize in almost every aspect, going green has become easier.

But the danger remains that we have a tendency to become complacent and miss out on many areas which we can still do our part. A major source of energy for digital products is in the form of our day to day alkaline batteries.

Just think for a moment of the last 6 months and try to remember how many batteries you’ve thrown away. Sure it’s valid to say that the batteries are drained and there is no more use for them.

But what if you knew that your batteries still have enough power to go 100% for another 10 cycles and more?

The truth is that not only can you save the environment by reducing wastage; you’re actually able to save quite a lot more on the “small stuff.”

Thanks to a range of product known as Power Back, now you can recharge your Non-Rechargeable batteries. You can reuse your batteries for your digital camera, flashlight, remote control, wireless mouse and much more.


Going green isn’t just about putting in effort. In fact with proper planning and turning it into a habit, you’ll find yourself saving time, energy, money and yes, the environment.

Share with us some of the ways you recycle your waste products around your home or in the office in the comments below.


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