Below is an interview with Mr. Lim, the CEO of EMARCO on his vision and the direction which EMARCO will take.

What is your vision?

Like most other businesses, our past focus had been to sell products that are profitable without being too concerned about the environmental impact. My vision is for the company to make a breakthrough by successfully diversifying into eco-friendly products that can bring tangible benefits to our future generations on a global scale.

How does your product help environment?

One of our new core products is a unique bio-organic fertilizer. We hope that this product can help farmers to make a significant change towards sustainable agriculture practice. By doing so, it will help to restore the soil condition and fertility which has already been damaged by the prolonged use of chemical products.

At the same time, the agricultural produce is much more healthier for our consumption, and also affordable as consumers do not have to pay a higher price for it.

Our other new product is a bio catalyst for petroleum products. Although this product does not result in zero-emission, it is still a eco-friendly product as it reduces the emission of toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide into the air. It also improves vehicles’ fuel consumption level.

EMARCO’s existing products such as recycled toner cartridges is also an ecological and economical alternative for customers to save on their printing costs.

Why the big emphasis on environment?

 As a parent myself, I hope that I can make a meaningful impact to protect our eco-system, which we don’t own it and we should preserve it for our future generations. It is indeed ironic and sad to hear everyday that the worsening environmental pollution is poisoning the food and water that we depend on for survival.

Although there has been much awareness about environmental protection, too few actions are taken until today. Most people hope that more can be done by governments. But if most people including businesses are reluctant to change (e.g. lifestyle/ product offerings) on their own, how can they expect governments to really step forward?

Do you think the message will be heard?

I believe that through our business network, we can spread the message (which we have been doing so for several years) and influence more local/overseas customers and friends to change their attitudes/actions earlier rather than later. In this way, there is hope for our current generation to make a real contribution to the environment.

How will you continue to push the message?

At EMARCO, this is a continuous effort to educate our valued customers on the environmental solutions that our products provide. This effort is time-consuming and challenging at times, but I believe that it is worth doing so.

Any final words?

As small company, we cannot say that our actions can make a big impact on the environment. But I hope that through the products that we market and the message that we carry to the people around us, we have built up a good caring spirit that can be reflected in our day-to-day activities and it can be carried on to our children as well.