Be a part of our Emarco’s green initiative by reusing your inkjet cartridges. Building a better future for our children’s tomorrow involves taking little steps and reusing your inkjet cartridges is one such measure we can take.

We provide a great variety of manufacturer inkjet cartridges and these cartridges are refilled to the highest possible standards to give you even more printing needs from your old cartridges. Every single cartridge is carefully inspected for wear and tear first before being refilled and tested to ensure that you get quality results.

Helping you take a step for a better and greener mother earth is what we aim to do. We take pride in giving you the best possible quality regardless of the ink cartridge colour to be refilled. Let us help you join this initiative to continue to refill your inkjet cartridges.

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Refilling An Inkjet Cartridge

It takes a trained and skilled technician to refill each cartridge and give you the maximum reuse out of it. Because on top of the thorough testing for defects, the inkjet nozzle is microscopic, the nozzle is many times smaller than the full stop at the end of this sentence. It takes a trained person to refill each cartridge but we take pride in doing this successfully as every cartridge we reuse, is another cartridge that avoids the landfill. Our Earth and our children deserves this small little effort.

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