Unique Virus Disinfection Technology that is Clinically Proven 100% Safe and Effective

CONTAINING COVID-19 – Taking Pro-active Actions and Building Public Confidence!
EcoRider wishes everyone well and healthy during this pandemic. In view of the fact that WHO and CDC have confirmed that Covid-19 can spread by touching of contaminated surfaces and more preventive measures have to be in placed to lower the transmission (once circuit breaker is over), our company EMARCO provides a state-of-the-art virus disinfection technology in Singapore. This virus disinfection chamber has intelligent yet efficient ultrasound misting technology and built-in thermal scanners to check body temperatures. It can be easily deployed at schools, malls, cinemas, food courts, events, places of worship, factories, etc. Equally important is the unique non-toxic, non-chemical, high alkaline water disinfectant that kills viruses and bacteria upon contact, without harming humans and the environment. Our electrolytic water can also be used for fogging of indoor areas as it is entirely safe for humans. View our Presentation File (pdf) here. Call us today at 8686-8768 for more information or a product demo!