EcoRider-M1 is the latest eco-solution for individual short-distance transportation, which aims to bring mobility to a whole new level.

EcoRider-M1’s robust design makes it easy to learn and use in dense built-up places such as warehouses, hospitals, shopping malls, airports and parks.

Ultra-low maintenance costs:
This makes EcoRider-M1 very cost-effective in improving work productivity

Latest auto-balancing and speed limit technology:
Learn how to ride EcoRider-M1 in no time and it’s compact features ensure safety to both users and non-users

Stingy power consumption:
20-30km traveling distance per battery charge is comparable to the industry standard and much lower than other electric vehicles; EcoRider-M1 deploys regenerative braking system to convert kinetic energy back to electricity during slowing


Net weight: 18.5kg

Max speed: 15km/h

Range: 20-30km

Max load: 120kg

Charging time: 3 hours

Body dimension: 46.7cm x 46.4cm.96-132cm

Visit our official Ecorider website at to find out more or visit our eco-store to ride home with the latest Personal Mobility Transporter.